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Brazil Elections Roadblocks BMS

-Lula Wins Against Bolsonaro- On 30 October 2022 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro lost his bid for re-election to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in a runoff that ended with a nearly 50% match, at 49.1 and 50.9 percent of the vote. Bolsonaro has enjoyed a popular following in Brazil during his presidency in spite of being a highly controversial figure who has questioned democratic processes opposed LGBTQ rights, rolled back environmental protections,

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Security Driver Training Brazil

Black Mountain Solutions recently travelled to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to provide its drivers with security training for an upcoming multinational project in Brazil.   As in most large metropolitan Latin American cities the region has seen a change in the criminal landscape with crimes becoming more brazen and opportunistic. Supporting a project in a remote area with international travellers that are unfamiliar with the environment, culture & customs, and

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Unrest continues in Bogota this week

Unrest continues in Bogota this week Now moving into the 9th week of protests in Bogota, Colombia with the latest unrest being reported Wednesday night (24th June) in several areas within Bogota resulting in vandalism and injuries to both Civilians, and Police Officers. With the deaths of two youths this week, both allegedly receiving fatal wounds from blunt objects this week during confrontations with the Colombia National Police Anti Disturbance

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ELN Armed Strike Colombia

The weekend of 14th February 2020 saw the Colombia’s left wing armed group; National Liberation Army (acronym in English) enforce a transportation shutdown in various regions of the country. The rebel group that has existed for over 50 years now imposed the 72-hour strike in ELN controlled areas causing civilian authorities to collapse in which according to various media sources even the military in some parts of the country obeyed

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