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Perception of Insecurity in Bogota

Perception of Insecurity in Bogota Comments concerning the insecurity in Bogota recently raised its ugly ahead again. With several infamous incidents taking place in the capital over the last several weeks, including the shooting of a policeman in an affluent area last month (March) whilst stop checking two assailants, and the raid of a Starbucks Café in Usaquen last week, one of Bogota’s lower crime rate areas. According to the

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Importance of Secure Transportation in Bogota 

Importance of Secure Transportation in Bogota  As a foreigner with driving experience in Colombia, and not only from a safety point of view but security also, I can attest to the importance of having security awareness whilst behind the wheel in Bogota.  With the negative impact on the economy due to the fallout of the pandemic even the Secretary for Bogota announced his concerns with the increase in violent crimes

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